USB flash drive for smartphone and PC

  • $ 10.90

When you go in vacations, or in everyday life, it's very handly to have an USB Flash Drive compatible with your phone, tablet and all the computers.

You need to copy music or photos to your phone ?

Share a big file between 2 phones ?

Make some room in the memory of your phone because it's full ?

Extend the memory of your phone even if there is no memory card slot ?

With an USB key everything is possible. You have 1 micro USB plug for phone, 1 USB for your computer.

For exemple I personnaly use it to copy movies and music on it.

When I take the train, I can see a movie on my phone or tablet directly from the USB key.

This USB key is USB 3.0. It means it's super fast. It's very convinient to quickly copy big files.

The key is available in 3 capacities 16go, 32go and 64go.