Shower Bluetooth Speaker

  • $ 14.90

Do you like to sing under the shower ? Or just to listen music and relax ?

I do, but before I needed to set a playlist before, and I couldn't change track nor volume because my phone isn't waterproof.

Now, there is this speaker. You can put it anywhere, it will stay in place on your wall, bahtub, etc...

And you get many features from the 5 buttons :
- play pause music
- next / previous track
- volume up / down
- answer a phone call.

Yes, you can even call and take a shower at once. There is a microphone on the device for cristal clear conversations.

The sound is great and powerful, this is a perfect peaker.

It can work up to 6h per charge, and you can charge it from any USB plug / charger.

Of course, you can also use it anywhere, like a normal bluetooth speaker : bedroom, office, outdoor... It's perfectly durable and waterproof.