Glimmer Bulb

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Do you want to get the best of Glimmer App ? Transform your phone into a real dawn simulator with this bulb for a fraction of its cost!

Glimmer takes control of the paired bulbs to turn them on, change the colors according to the theme, and gently wake you up.

After the alarm, you have the control of your bulb (color, intensity...)



This is the 4.5 Watts bulb. Perfect for a bedside lamp. It's equivalent to a 40w incandescent bulb !

You can get the 9 Watts bulb here
The lamp is not included. This product is only the bulb.

Natural Dawn Simulator

Thanks to this bulb, Glimmer provides a pleasant and natural way to start your morning.
This wake-up system is scientifically proven to work. Clinical research proves the effects of the wake-up light on the overall wake up experience.
You will also be more energized and improves your mood in the morning.


93% of Glimmer Users Agree That it is Easier to Get Out of Bed

You already know Glimmer for Android. Here the concept is pushed one step ahead !
This 4.5W bulb is perfect for your bedside lamp.

It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to your phone, and work at 15m distance.
Yes, your phone can control your bulb and the bulb of another room at once !

The socket is E27. This is the most common one so it will surely fit your lamp.

Actually, Glimmer can pair more than 10 bulbs at the same time.
You will set up the color and maximum brightness for each bulb !


Glimmer has more than 3 million downloads over the globe and a rating of 4.3/5

This mature app needed a companion bulb to expand the possibilities.
Don't forget the phone holder to complete the experience!



This is a new product !
The stocks are limited. Get YOURS now !


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