Our story


my name is Nicolas.
I'm an entrepreneur, living in France near Paris.

Vuxia is my company name.

In early 2014 I created Glimmer,  an Android application to help people to wake up.


Now you know who I am :)

After 3 years, Glimmer is a success story: almost 3 million downloads, good visibility on Play Store, 60 000 users daily.

I created SmarterMood to complete the experience: selling a smart bulb along the app to transform it into a real dawn simulator.

Of course, the main challenge here was to find perfect products at an affordable price. I made Glimmer compatible with 3 light systems: 2 bulbs and 1 LED strip.

The items are bought straight from the factory to ensure the lowest possible prices. This means bulbs, phone stands, USB cables, etc. without the expensive price tag.

The purpose of this site is to bring convenient objects such as dawn simulator technology to everyone. 

After the first months of existence of this shop, I'm very happy with this experience and it's time to grow it up with new items! They are all carefully selected, tested and approved by my friends and me.

There is now a small stock and 4 peoples working on logistics in China, and about 15 suppliers. Every order is tracked. We follow the shipping until you receive the product.

For any question, please contact me by email. I will be happy to answer.

Thank you for visiting this shop. I wish you the best!