Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the shipping?

We take 2 working days to process your order and then we ship it. The duration depends on your country. It's clearly written on your checkout page and order confirmation.

Because we ship worldwide, it's 2 weeks or less for the US, and 2 to 3 weeks for most of the countries.

We always provide a tracking number to be sure nothing is lost.

Of course this "2 to 3 weeks" is an estimation. It can be faster also. For US citizens, we use ePacket shipping method because it's very fast. Sometimes we do see shipping duration smaller than 10 days.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, absolutely. We ship worldwide.

Where do you ship the products from?

Our office is in Antony, France. Our stock is located in China.

Do you provide a tracking number for your products?

Yes, please wait about 3 days after your order and you will receive it by email. You can also ask us directly at

There is a missing product in my received order. What is happening?

Our products may are shipped separately, depending on your order. Because we have several stocks. We do it in order to guaranty the fastest possible delivery. The other products of your order will certainly come in a couple of days.

What payments are supported?

We fully support Paypal. We know that most of our customer prefer this way because it's more convenient on a smartphone.

We fully integrated Stripe. This is a secure payment gateway accepting VISA cards, MasterCards, Apple pay, and others.

So on Smartermood, we never store any of the payment information. It's better this way because it's very sensitive information. Everything is managed by well-known companies that do a fantastic job of protecting your privacy.

What if I don't receive my products?

This never happened yet (finger crossed). But if we see a customer without his order, if the tracking number shows something wrong, we are willing to refund the order or send a new product. Please look at our refund and return policy.

Just contact us and we will find the solution at your choice.

What if my phone is not compatible with my bulb ?

You are already using Glimmer. So I know for sure you have an Android phone with a minimum system version of 4.4. So, the bulb is compatible.