Today Glimmer is much more than an app :
It can control Bluetooth Bulbs or LED Strips to enlight your mornings. This is now a complete dawn simulator !

We create lights !

We just released new exclusive bulbs.
Thanks to our new partners we have access to high-quality products and they are compatible with Glimmer
As shown on video, those light are very convenient and easy to use.

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We give you the FULL version of the Glimmer app if you purchase a light!

Look at this video

Happy users

Glimmer has 2 million downloads since 2014, a rating of 4.3 stars, 60 000 users wake up every day with it. It's translated into 15 languages.


Every bulb of the market has a different way to communicate in Bluetooth. There is no standard.
The lights of SmarterMood are the only ones to be compatible with Glimmer.
Indeed, Glimmer had been modified to be fully compatible with those products.

Our products